Want the Character and Beauty of 35mm Film?

May 19, 2021

Personality, character, feel, beauty … all words we use to describe the unique look of film. LookLabs color correction technology, SpeedLooks, revolutionized the industry by bringing the unique look of film to digital projects. We are the industry leader. That’s why the world’s two largest non-linear editing companies, Adobe Premiere and Avid, both carry our suite of products opening the world of color correction to editors everywhere.

There are two common color spaces for recording video. Rec. 709 and LOG. Log allows for maximum color manipulation in post-production. But logs vary from camera to camera. No two are the same. That’s were LookLabs color science comes in. Our software is designed specifically for each camera we test. We create a unique camera patch LUT for every camera. Once that camera patch LUT is applied in a grading application or non-linear editor, the camera’s original log image is transformed into what we call VS-log or, Virtual Speed LOG. If you are recording in REC. 709 we have you covered with our Universal camera patch. It translates REC. 709 to VS LOG.

LookLabs has revolutionized the production world for directors, DPs, colorists and editors. Now virtually any combination of cameras can be used in production and our camera patches will create one consistent look. Fine color correcting can still be done even with the camera patch applied. This is where SpeedLooks come into play. Once the camera patch is applied, leveling out the image in VS-Log, an overall SpeedLook can be layered onto your footage. Those looks that instantly tell the audience they are watching an epic drama or science-fiction film.

All our SpeedLooks emulate the look and feel of 35 mm film. Everything from film Noir to a big blockbuster look is available. And every look creates beautiful and even skin tones. Flawless faces especially closeup. SpeedLooks can even be applied in the field so you know what your images will look like even before making the first edit.

Visit looklabs.net to learn more about SpeedLooks and the professional color finish you can achieve. DFS, SpeedLooks and our intermediate VS-LOG process combined with our exclusive camera patch technology offers a total workflow solution for your color correction needs. Color by LookLabs … revolutionizing the digital production world… one image at a time, all with the click of a button.